Accidental Chef in the Wild West

PORTAL, AZ – As if we were all Wild West outlaws lowering our bandanas for the first time, my neighbors in tiny Portal, Arizona and I are finally seeing one another’s faces. Never having seen their mouths, I made many of them extravagant Thanksgiving and December holiday dinners, alongside my friend Zola, who’s pushing 90…

A Keweenaw Red Rocks?

Aaron Rogers envisions an amphitheater carved in stone & big-name bands at East Bluff Bike Park.

Keweenaw Diaries Part 1: Trapped in Paradise

Eagle Harbor, MI – I am trapped in a paradise, immobilized next to an animated orange fire, within earshot of the storm just now whistling over Lake Superior; I am be-blanketed on the couch of a log cabin far more spectacular than my budget for this trip could ever approach.  On the downside, my car…

Running From a Blizzard and Getting Caught

I was going a grandma 40 in a 65, trying not to stare too directly into the Warp Drive stripes of light just beyond my windshield that burrowed into my retinas like too many tiny shooting comets.