Biscuit Recipes from Alabama, Telephone Pioneers of America Chapter No. 34 Cookbook

Mayo Biscuits?

I guess if mayonnaise is just eggs and oil, it’s not so completely bizzare to use it as fat for a biscuit. If you try this one, take a pic and send it in, with your recipe review.img_1355

Tangy Cheddar Biscuits

No Old Bay in this recipe, so maybe Red Lobster is safe. But who doesn’t like a cheesy biscuit?


Yeast Biscuits

They’ve taken one of the easiest quick breads and added extra time to it. But I bet it’s delicious. I remember the first time I ate gaufres, the yeast dough version of waffles, from a streetcorner in Brussels, and it was a revelation.


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